Simplifying home energy systems is now a reality.

Micro-cogenerators, or combined heat and power

systems (CHP) combine heat, air conditioning,

electricity and hot water from a single source.

Micro-cogenerators not only reduce energy costs, but also

reduce dependence on foreign oil, carbon emissions and

greenhouse gases.

Micro-cogenerators are 90 percent efficient and are both

environmentally friendly and a money saver. In simplest terms,

micro-cogenerators work like a car’s engine, equipped to

generate electricity and provide domestic hot water and heat.

These devices can operate on natural gas, fuel oil or biodiesel.

While micro-cogenerators are considered to be money-saving

and energy-efficient models, the main problem is cost due to

the lack of current popularity.

Micro-cogenerators can be installed in homes, offices,

restaurants, markets, convenience stores, hotels, and farms.

Micro-cogenerators are likely to become more popular in the

United States and Canada as the cost of home-heating fuel and

environmental awareness increases.

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2 Responses to Micro-cogenerators

  1. Frank Adinolfi says:

    I’ve been looking for two years for a micro-cogeneration unit that is biodiesel-fueled and is suitable for single family residential use in the U.S. The only one I’ve found is made by Polar Power. I’d appreciate seeing the names and contacts for other biodiesel-fueled chp units suitable for single family use in the U.S. Thanks.

  2. admin says:

    Go to http://www.freewatt.com for additional information on cogeneration systems.

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